Silvia Matiacevich

Ph.D. Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, 2008. Biologist. Universidad de Buenos Aires; Buenos Aires, 2003. Postdoctoral Position, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile, 2008-2009. Postdoctoral Position, Conicyt Bicentenary Program, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 2009-until now.; I am Argentinian, Biologist and I obtained my PhD in Food Industry at Universidad de Buenos Aires on 2008 under the supervision of Professor Maria del Pilar Buera on Maillard reaction from model and biological systems. After a postdoctoral work with Professor Franco Pedreschi on prediction of physical properties on tortillas chips using computer vision I joined the Universidad de Santiago through Bicentenary Program on Preservation and Physical Properties of Foods Group where I have been working until now; Thanks to a Conicet Fellowship and the support of Conicyt and the University of Santiago.

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