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Dr. Maritza Páez is a Professor of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, USACH. Her research has focused on the corrosion and protection of active-passive metals, such as aluminum alloys and steel. Several of her investigations focused on elucidating the mechanisms of growth of anodic films, establishing the growth model of the film in a binary Al-Cu alloy. She also works in experimental and theoretical studies on the inhibition of corrosion by organic compounds in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. In 1994 she founded the Laboratory of corrosion and protection of materials to consolidate a line of research associated with studies of electrode processes in metal-environment interfaces.

She has published 137 articles indexed in Google Scholar, 5 book chapters, is co-author of the book "N-4 Metal Macrocyclic Complexes" Editorial Springer, New York, and the book "Electrochemistry: voltammetry on solid electrode", USACH Editorial Seal and author of 1 patent. The impact of their published works is reflected in the following indicators: Factor H = 28 (Google Scholar), Factor H = 27 (Scopus).

She has directed 12 doctoral theses and more than 35 undergraduate theses. Its students have formed 4 independent research groups in the areas of corrosion, nanomaterials, biocorrosion, and bioinorganic chemistry. Her international collaborations involve professors Drs. Thompson, Zhou, and Curioni from the School of Materials of the Victoria University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, Prof. Dr. Tribollet from Marie Curie University, France, Prof. Dr. Nadine Pebere from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs in Arts Chimiques et Technologiques, Toulouse, France, and Prof. Dr. Fritz Scholz (Institute of Biochemistry, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, University of Greifswald). As a result of her collaboration with Dr. Thompson, in 1996 Dr. Páez received an award for the best work published in the scientific journal "Corrosion Science". Her group includes 3 postdocs, 3 doctoral students, and national collaborations with other members of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology (USACH), the Faculty of Engineering (USACH),  Polytechnic Academy of Aeronautics (Air Force of Chile), and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.