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Juan Francisco Fuentealba
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El desempeño de recubrimientos protectores depende en general fuertemente de la adhesión al sustrato, su…

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The physical rules of tearing a packaging or a piece of paper are not completely…

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For try to describe the behavior of progress of the Coronavirus in Chile we based…

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Tearing paper is a typical exercise widely practiced in different contexts, the simplest experiment consists…

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore…

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Straight cracks are observed in thin coatings under residual tensile stress, resulting into the classical…

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Es frecuente experimentar una cierta frustración al intentar rasgar el envoltorio de galletas o al…


My research work is related to Materials Science, mainly focused on elasticity and fracture issues in soft materials. Since 2017 I have been developing my postdoctoral research in SMAT-C, during this time I have worked on different problems of tearing and delamination of thin films, at the same time that I have been involved in topics such as Philotaxis and elasticity of plates.


Postdoctoral Position, Universidad de Santiago 2017-present


Doctor en Ciencias c/m Física, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2015)

Physics Engineering, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2009)