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Sorry, Jorge Pavez has not made any blog posts yet.

Dr. Jorge Pavez is a Chemist Professor at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, currently is the Head of Materials Chemistry Department. His research areas are Physical-Chemistry of nano-scale ordered surfaces and Interfacial Electron Transfer towards developing single-site catalysts. During the last decade, he studied functionalized metal-molecule interfaces obtained by Self-Assembly methods as platforms for surface and electrocatalytic studies in sensing and energy conversion. Combining Scanning Probe Microscopy Technics (AFM-STM) and Electrochemical approaches focus on the effect of electronic and structural properties of a molecular bridge wire positioned between the electrode surface and electrocatalytic complexes; Metal-Phthalocyanines, and Metal-Porphyrins.

He has authored about 52 articles, published in the leading journals of his research field, and he has directed four National Research Grants, and he has participated in about five other ones as Team Research.

Adviser 5 Bachelor in Chemistry.

Former 7 PhD students and 4 Postdocs.


  • 2011-present Full Professor, Materials Chemistry Department University of Santiago, Chile.
  • 2005-2010 Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Materials Chemistry Department University of Santiago, Chile.
  • 2001-2004 PostDoc Fellow at Center for Advanced Interdisciplinary Research in Materials Science, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of University de Chile.
  • 2001, Doctorate in Chemistry, Universidad de Santiago de Chile.